Alan first picked up a camera at the age of 6. It was a small plastic one bought for him as a present (probably to keep him out of mischief). He can well remember the thrill of taking photos of things around him. The results were hardly breathtaking - the camera leaked light through its plastic case. Moving on to an Agilux Agimatic rangefinder borrowed from his father, he then bought his first SLR, a secondhand Olympus OM-1 with all manual control and 50mm lens in 1981 at 13.

Leaving school he wanted to pursue his passion in photography and started work at a local photographers who specialised in brochures and advertising, that was 1985. Starting as an assistant before moving on to photographer within the company, shooting 35mm, 120, 4x5 and 8x10 film sizes on Nikon, Hasselblad and Sinar systems. He also experienced processing with E6 and C41 process lines as well as printing of B&W and colour in-house.

The commissions sometimes took him abroad with work undertaken in France, Nigeria and Cuba.

Digital came in 1998 with the Carnival 2020 system, Shooting Gallery software and G3 Mac. Later upgrades meant film disappeared and all work was undertaken as digital.

By 2010 with 25 years in the business he struck out alone.


ADP Images is based in the county of Kent and offers imaging services to business and individuals with creative photography from products to landscapes, with work published in catalogues, brochures, travel guides, newspapers and supplement magazines worldwide.